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Because of the intrusive and damaging effects of mould, it needs to be taken care of by an expert. Restoration 1 is here to tackle any mould problems you are experiencing. We specialize in mould eradication and remediation services and restoring damages. We have the experience needed to find, analyze and figure out the kind of mould you have. Our state-of-the-art mould extraction tools let us reduce and eliminate the problem. And our knowledge and skill mean that we will restore your mould infested spaces. At Restoration 1, we take the condition and safety of your residence in earnest. Therefore, whether you know you have mould or only think it, reach out to our crew and we will assist.

Commonly developing in dim spaces where there is a lack of airflow, mould can exist in your property long before you know it is there. Mould damage will compound and this makes it hard for removing and restoring. Scenarios such as floods, storm damage, burst pipes and plumbing problems can influence mould growth. Once there is water damage in your home and it isn’t taken care of immediately, mould can occur.


Pinpointing the location of mould growth is a critical, first step in removal.


Figuring out the type of growth you have in your property gives us a good idea of how to remove the issue.


Correctly treating the infested area and eradicating the mould will create a livable environment.


Renovating your house to a safe safe condition is our primary goal.

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Professional Mould Specialists with Restoration 1 – Make Your House Secure Again

Mould can be a common issue with most residences in the Langley, BC, area. With a lot of homes, mould could be growing and flourishing and causing damage to your homestead and creating major health risks for those inside. Restoration 1 is your leading mould mitigation and treatment restoration organization.

The common mould spore is prevalent outside and can get in your house from shoes, clothing, pet fur or travel in on the wind. Even though it’s not hazardous at this point, if given the ideal circumstances, mould spores can quickly spread. After 72 hours, neglected water damage will cause areas to generate extreme mould growth. Eliminate the dangerous effects of mould in your house and have the service professionals with Restoration 1 to remove it completely, treat the infected area and renovate your space to pre-mould damage conditions.

To correctly eliminate the mould, our crew seals off the infected area, restraining the mould from being released into the air. Then, our service contractors get rid of the heavily affected areas and clean the remaining space with highly specialized anti-microbial chemicals. We then use specialized machines to get rid of the mould spores in the air. You can rely on us to provide you complete mould removal, remediation and repair services.

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