Restoration Services for Smoke and Fire

A restoration company can help remove all harmful fire and smoke damage from your house. At Restoration 1, our technicians have the skills and knowledge needed to repair any damage your home has sustained from fire and smoke in Port Coquitlam, BC. As the leading fire damage restoration and recovery company in the region, we provide high-quality work with prompt dispatch times. Restoration 1 is at-the-ready 24/7 in the event disaster strikes.

You can rely on the professionals at Restoration 1 to provide the most efficient restoration work with our exacting standards. It’s our primary goal to restore your house after a fire and to make your living area safe again. Smoke and fire damage are a serious health concern, so don’t hesitate to call a technician with Restoration 1.

Emergency Inspections and Restoration Services

Our contractors work diligently to provide quality evaluations and begin restoration work expediently. The sooner an inspection of the damage is completed, the better. We can determine the intensity of the destruction and which steps need to be taken.

Debris Removal and Structural Stabilization

Restoration 1 handles debris removal with meticulous attention to detail to mitigate continuing damage. We will then stabilize the underlying structure of your residence. We endeavor to save as many of your personal belongings as possible.

Sanitation and Reconstruction Initiative

Our expert team will treat the area and eliminate all lingering toxins still there. Next they'll restore your residence to its pre-damaged condition.

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Top-Rated Technology

The expert smoke and fire damage restoration contractors on our team are prepared to do what it takes to get your home livable again. We provide comprehensive fire damage renovations in Port Coquitlam, BC, that include cleaning up and removing damaged material and wreckage from your house. Smoke will cause damage because the soot that remains is noxious and detrimental to your health. We work relentlessly to remove the smoke and fire damage that is left behind, so your home can be restored to what it once was.

We will do a thorough assessment of your home to determine the amount of damage and fix it quickly. Once our contractors remove soot and rubble, we sanitize the area and get it ready for renovation. Our smoke damage mitigation work will alleviate the eye irritation, respiratory challenges and skin problems you may have felt with any lingering.

Restoration 1 is the superior choice because our staff of insured and licensed restoration experts work tirelessly on every renovation job. We are available around the clock for emergency work whenever it’s required. Contact our experts for property damage renovation services right now.

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