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Mould should always be handled by an expert because of how it can impact your health and the way it wrecks your property. Restoration 1 is available to service the Vancouver, BC, area and eradicate mould from your home. Our staff of professionals has the experience and expertise to pinpoint, analyze and determine the type of mould that’s present in your space. Then our contractors can alleviate the damages and eradicate the spores by using the right techniques. Restoration 1 is dedicated to making your home secure again. If you’ve noticed any mould developing in your home, or you think it’s there, reach out to our experienced staff so that we can assist.

Dim areas and no airflow is where mould produces. It has a tendency to develop and grow without you being aware of it, and water damage can generate mould growth too. If this occurs, you need to get a technician who specializes in mould elimination services in order to make your home secure. It’s crucial to get this taken care of prior to it causing more problems down the road.


Figuring out where the mould is situated is the first step for correct servicing.


Understanding the type of mould give us the opportunity to know how to treat it.


Eliminating the mould and properly cleaning the space will make your residence secure.


Renovating your residence to a safe secure condition is our main objective.

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Mould can be a common problem with most houses in Vancouver, BC. With a lot of homes, mould could be growing and flourishing and causing damage to your house and creating major health concerns for your family. Restoration 1 is your premier mould removal and treatment restoration company.

The common mould spore is widespread outside and can enter your home from shoes, clothing, pet fur or travel in on the wind. Although seemingly not hazardous in this stage, when given the right setting, mould spores can quickly spread. After 72 hours, untreated water damage will produce heavy mould growth. Eradicate the harmful effects of mould in your residence and have the service professionals with Restoration 1 to remove it completely, treat the infected area and restore your space to pre-mould damage conditions.

To efficiently eliminate the mould, our contractors seal off the contaminated area, restraining the mould from being airborne. Then, our service specialists remove the heavily affected areas and clean the remaining space with effective anti-microbial chemicals. We then use special equipment to clean and remove the mould spores from the air. You can trust Restoration 1 to provide you comprehensive mould removal, remediation and repair services.

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